Turkey Luncheon Meat 850g ℮

Do you have a big family or do you like cooking for a group of people? Then you’ll like having high quality dishes that are easy to prepare which you can get onto the table in no time. Pasta, rijsttafel or delicious sandwiches – they’re all tastier with our Turkey Luncheon Meat.


Meat (turkey, chicken) 81%, water, potato starch, salt, mustard flour, stabiliser: triphosphates, spices (contains mustard), herbs, hydrolysed maize protein, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, antioxidant: sodium erythorbate, flavouring, dextrose, onion, yeast extract, spice extracts (contains celery), smoke flavouring, sunflower oil, preservative: sodium nitrite. Contains: mustard and celery.

Nutritional Values

Nutrional value/ Valeur Nutritionelle / القيمة الغذائية100 g
Energy/ Énergie/ قيمة الطاقة813 kJ / 195 kcal
Protein/ Protéines/ بروتين14 g
Carbohydrate/Glucides/ كربوهيدرات5,4 g
of which sugars/ dont sucres/ منها السكر<0,5 g
Total fat/ Matières grasses totals/دهن13 g
of which saturated fatty acids/
dont acides gras saturés/ منها المشبعة
3,9 g
Sodium/ Sodium/ صوديوم0,99 g



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4 people | Chicken Luncheon Meat

Chicken Luncheon meat with Feta and a green salad

If you would like a light yet tasty meal, then this salad with Chicken Luncheon meat is certainly suitable.

4 people | Chicken Luncheon Meat

Whole grain bun with Zwan’s Chicken Luncheon meat topped with tomato and cheese

Make this delicious grain bun with Luncheon Meat and cheese.

4 people | Beef Luncheon meat

Wrap with Beef Luncheon meat tomato salsa and yoghurt and mint

Try this wrap with a fresh dressing, very tasty in combination with the Zwan Beef Luncheon Meat.