Chopped Ham & Pork 340g ℮

The Chopped Ham & Pork is a classic from our wide range and can rightly call itself a member of our family! Tender, high-quality sliced pork. Delicious on your sandwich or between your burger buns. Always handy to have around and ready to use!


Pork 59%, mechanically separated pork 25%, water, potato starch, salt, milk protein, stabilisers: E451, E450, sugar, flavour enhancer: E621, pork fat, antioxidant: E316, spice extract, preservative: E250.

Nutritional Values

Nutrional value/ Valeur Nutritionelle / القيمة الغذائية100 g
Energy/ Énergie/ قيمة الطاقة1111 kJ / 268 kcal
Protein/ Protéines/ بروتين15 g
Carbohydrate/Glucides/ كربوهيدرات4,7 g
of which sugars/ dont sucres/ منها السكر<0,5 g
Total fat/ Matières grasses totals/دهن21 g
of which saturated fatty acids/
dont acides gras saturés/ منها المشبعة
8,0 g
Sodium/ Sodium/ صوديوم0,81 g



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