Cooked Shoulder Ham 325g ℮

A top quality product! With Zwan Cooked Shoulder Ham, you can put a delicious dish served in no time. Mild taste, delicious hot or cold. Delicious on sandwiches, but also great when cut into cubes or strips for meals like pasta or salads. Always convenient to have in your cupboard!


Pork 86%, water, salt, sugar, stabiliser: triphosphates, thickener: processed euchema seaweed, antioxidant: sodium erythorbate, acidity regulator: potassium chloride, preservative: sodium nitrite.

Nutritional Values

Nutrional value/ Valeur Nutritionelle / القيمة الغذائية100 g
Energy/ Énergie/ قيمة الطاقة755 kJ / 181 kcal
Protein/ Protéines/ بروتين15 g
Carbohydrate/Glucides/ كربوهيدرات1,0 g
of which sugars/ dont sucres/ منها السكر1,0 g
Total fat/ Matières grasses totals/دهن13 g
of which saturated fatty acids/
dont acides gras saturés/ منها المشبعة
4,9 g
Sodium/ Sodium/ صوديوم1,07 g



Zwan ambient meat products is known for its premium quality and extensive range products.

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