Premium Pork 1030g

This bumper pack of Premium Pork is a favourite for young and old alike. Pork Premium features an even higher quality than what you are already used to from us. You can recognise them by the golden label on the glass jar. Do you regularly sit around the table with many friends or relatives? Then this Premium Pork is for you. Whether you serve them with rolls, on the barbecue or in a rijsttafel. One thing is for sure – you’ll always be putting something tasty on the table. Zwan Premium Pork – pure, tasty pork!


Mechanically separated chicken 42%, pork 25%, mechanically separated pork 15%, water, potato starch, salt, pork fat, hydrolysed maize protein, stabilisers: E451, E452, beef collagen, spices, dextrose, antioxidant: E316, preservative: E250.

Nutritional Values

Nutrional value/ Valeur Nutritionelle / القيمة الغذائية100 g
Energy/ Énergie/ قيمة الطاقة937 kJ / 226 kcal
Protein/ Protéines/ بروتين13 g
Carbohydrate/Glucides/ كربوهيدرات2,9 g
of which sugars/ dont sucres/ منها السكر<0,5 g
Total fat/ Matières grasses totals/دهن18 g
of which saturated fatty acids/
dont acides gras saturés/ منها المشبعة
6,4 g
Sodium/ Sodium/ صوديوم0,90 g



Zwan ambient meat products is known for its premium quality and extensive range products.

4 people | Chicken Luncheon Meat

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4 people | Chicken Luncheon Meat

Whole grain bun with Zwan’s Chicken Luncheon meat topped with tomato and cheese

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Wrap with Beef Luncheon meat tomato salsa and yoghurt and mint

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