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On this page you will find the wide Zwan product range.


Zwan ambient meat products is known for its premium quality and extensive range products.


INNOVATION is written in capitals at Zwanenberg Food Group.

Product categories

Luncheon Meat


Cocktails & Hotdogs



Vegetarian Zwan

We recently introduced our ZWAN vegetarian product range.


4 people | Luncheon meat

Pasta salad with Zwan’s luncheon meat

Make your Pasta even more tasty with our luncheon Meat. Do you like spicy food? Then choose the Hot & Spicy Luncheon Meat.

4 people | Luncheon meat

Flat bread with Zwan’s luncheon meat and tomatoes

Fancy a fresh lunch? Then this Flatbread with our luncheon meat and tomatoes is a good choice!

4 people | Luncheon meat

Flatbread sandwich with Luncheon meat and fried egg

A delicious lunch guaranteed with this flatbread sandwich recipe.

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