4 people | Beef Hotdogs

Pineapple fried rice

4 people | Chicken Smoked Sausage

Tabouleh salad

4 people | Chicken Luncheon Meat

Poké bowl

Shakshuka with chicken hot dogs

4 people | Chicken (Premium) Hotdogs

4 people | Chicken luncheon meat

Chicken luncheon meat Turkish lentil soup

4 people | Chicken Cocktail Sausages

Caribbean bean dish

4 people | Turkey Luncheon Meat

Cuban sandwich

4 people | Beef luncheon meat

Baked sweet potato mash with spring onion and apricot

4 people | Chicken Luncheon Meat Hot & Spicy slices

Basmati rice with spicy tomato sauce and chestnut mushrooms

4 people | Chicken (Premium) Hotdogs

Shakshuka with chicken hot dogs

4 people | Luncheon meat

Pasta salad with Zwan’s luncheon meat

Make your Pasta even more tasty with our luncheon Meat. Do you like spicy food? Then choose the Hot & Spicy Luncheon Meat.

4 people | Luncheon meat

Flat bread with Zwan’s luncheon meat and tomatoes

Fancy a fresh lunch? Then this Flatbread with our luncheon meat and tomatoes is a good choice!

4 people | Luncheon meat

Flatbread sandwich with Luncheon meat and fried egg

A delicious lunch guaranteed with this flatbread sandwich recipe.

4 people | Chicken Luncheon meat

Chicken Luncheon meat with Feta and a green salad

If you would like a light yet tasty meal, then this salad with Chicken Luncheon meat is certainly suitable.

4 people | Chicken Luncheon meat

Whole grain bun with Zwan’s Chicken Luncheon meat topped with tomato and cheese

Make this delicious grain bun with Luncheon Meat and cheese.

4 people | Beef Luncheon meat

Wrap with Beef Luncheon meat tomato salsa and yoghurt and mint

Try this wrap with a fresh dressing, very tasty in combination with the Zwan Beef Luncheon Meat.

4 people | Chicken Luncheon meat

Skewers with pineapple and Zwan’s Chicken luncheon meat

Delicious as a side dish or as a snack to hand out. Also very easy to prepare.