Our packaging offers many advantages. The advantage for consumers is that our products have a long shelf life. In addition, sterilization ensures that the food is very safe and meets all food safety requirements while maintaining quality and taste. It is also favorable that fewer additives need to be added to preserve the article. Another additional advantage is that the product is ready to use.


Retailers also benefit from canned meat, because it does not have to be stored in a cold store. This saves on high energy costs for cooling and so they work more sustainable. Our packaging is easy to stack which makes storage even easier and presentation in the outlets look attractive.

When using our packages retailers contribute to sustainability because our packages can be recycled.

‘Did you know that tin (with 95%) is the most recycled packaging material?’


Food waste and sustainability are hot topics today. Zwan likes to contribute to a more sustainable world. We contribute to a better environment through canned meat. We offer long shelf life products in small portions. This is how we prevent food waste. Because tin packaging requires little or no secondary packaging material and is recyclable results in limited waste. In this way we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Something to be proud of!