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*NEW* Hotdogs Hot&Spicy flavour – Hotdogs Cheese flavour

8 July 2015

ZWAN is extending the hotdog assortment by adding hotdogs with new flavours for a new experience of tasty hotdogs. Try, join us and share the experience with us!

Hot dog Hot & Spicy

The “new” hotdog is developed based on ZWAN’s two successful ingredients: ZWAN Chicken hot dog and our natural Hot & Spicy spices. The spices add a great extra taste to the chicken hotdog sausage in a spicy way. Make sure you do not miss out on this Hot & Spicy experience!

*The content of the can with these hotdogs is: 200g

Hot dog cheese flavour

The authentic Dutch cheese flavour is added into the Chicken hot dog sausages of ZWAN. This combination provides a cheesy taste to the hotdog which is simply tasty!

Make sure to try these new products and let us know what you think of them. Have a Zwanderful taste experience!

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